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Featured Security Opinion

Top 3 Tips to Writing an Information Security Job Description

By Mike Gentile



So everyone and their brother/sister is looking to add security resources to their team. With the demand so high and the supply so low, quite frankly it is surprising to me that so many make mistakes in their primary bait: the job description. 

Here are some tips that will help you get your security positions filled quickly:

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This area of the site explores controversial ideas, opinions, or judgments that are being observed by our team within the security community. Many of these concepts might run contrary to that of the majority....Good, since the point of this exercise is to fuel debate.  Please feel free to provide your opinions and comments regarding these ideas; it makes us all just a little bit smarter.  Further, don't be shy about suggesting topics that you would like us to use in the future on the site.

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    Security Opinion

    Understanding the Tangible and Intangible Elements of a Security Program

    By Mike Gentile, CISSP and team 


    Building security programs is difficult.  They have many moving parts and require those who lead them to have knowledge across many different disciplines. Over the years, the team at has strived to develop models that can help with solving this security program development riddle. This article will discuss some improvements and enhancements we have made within our models in helping you develop the right security programs for your organization.


    Security Opinion

    3 Tips for Measuring the Value of a Proposed Security Project

    By Mike Gentile


    Many security programs spend countless hours every budget cycle trying to determine which projects to undertake for the upcoming year. Should we replace our firewalls, should we take on that federated identity management project (yuck!) Perhaps we should go with old reliable and do what our favorite research organization tells us to do (Bad choice).  One of the key components during this process is to determine the value of performing a specific security project, thus providing a decision criterion about whether it should be put on the “to-do” list or not. This article will provide simple but effective tips for determining the value of a proposed security project in the common organizational security program setting.
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    On-line Security Program Health Tool
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    This practical, easy-to-use tool enables the user to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their security program across six core areas including:

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    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Security Policies
    • Security Project Portfolio
    • Training And Awareness
    Additionally, your review is benchmarked against all of the other organizations that have used the tool, providing you even more statistical information.

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    Security Opinion

    Dealing with Secondhand Stress

    By Daniel Johnson, SBN Principal Partner, Balance.point/Self Mastery Foundation Inc. 
    If you have been following this series, you now have a toolkit of techniques and strategies to manage stress quickly and effectively.


    The next question you may ask is:  How do I deal with stress at the source? 

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