• Security Program Review

    Security Program Development

      Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your security program across six core areas including: Security Program Strategy Mission And Mandate Roles and Responsibilities Security Policies Security Project Portfolio Training And Awareness

  • Project Management As A Security Touch-Point


    In most organizations, project management is the mechanism in which everything is built. Whether it is a complex data center, a custom application, or a new payroll process. Simply stated, it enables an idea to be turned into reality. This common framework provides the ability to guide an effort efficiently; ensuring that the objective is […]

  • Organizational Considerations For a Security Program

    Security Program Development

    Security Program Development Considerations Before building from scratch, retrofitting, or otherwise changing we have listed the pertinent elements that should be considered in the development of a comprehensive Security Program. Below is a listing of considerations in each Security Program Category. Organizational Drivers Security Program Strategy Security Program Mission & Mandate Security Program Roles & […]

  • Security as a Business Enabler


    You can’t go far in the security profession these days without hearing about it. From the meeting rooms of security conventions to almost every issue of the popular magazines; it is everywhere. Do a google search for “security as a business enabler” and see for yourself. Note how many results in the top ten are […]

  • Project Manager Security

    Security Education

    Project Security Top Ten This list is designed as a cheat sheet for any project manager that wants to manage their projects securely.  Additionally, incorporating these tips will ensure that your projects are not only secure but also are delivered on time, on budget and to specification. 1. Include at least one person on every […]


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