How Does Your Organization Define Security?

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Why Defining Security is essential to Improving it in any Organization

Security touches everything in an organization. From locks on the doors, to security patches on every system, to every process.

As Humans, we love to categorize things in our minds, this is how our brain functions. Because of this and the vast scope of security, humans will often have varying definitions and perspectives of what security is to them.

Even subconsciously, humans will define and categorize the concept. It is anti-virus, it is terrorism, it is a background check. All these definitions are correct!

What is the key to effectively understanding the definition of security?

The key is to spend time understanding the definition and perspective of the people you are communicating with. Even a slight effort with this understanding is going to put you ahead of 99% of those in the security industry, even if you are new to the security discipline.

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