Security Training & Awareness Program For Your Organization

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What is the definition of Training & Awareness Program?

The strategy and tactics for educating personnel and making them aware of security concepts.

Training & Awareness Program Considerations: Below are the top five considerations when developing a security training & awareness program for your organization

1. Recognize that Training and awareness are different things: Your approach for how your educate your organization about security is different than the manner in which you make them aware of security.

2. Set Goals for Your Program: Be clear in what you want to accomplish in your training & awareness campaigns,then go get it.

3. One Class Cannot Teach Everything: Security is a massive discipline, and there is not a single class in the world that can teach everyone everything. How many classes are your providing each year?

4. Look at Your Training and Awareness Campaigns as a Program: Identify all of the education elements that make up your overall campaigns, and then track and measure progress.

5. Engage your Internal Training & Awareness Experts: Chances are you are not the only group in your organization that need to train people of something or market to an audience. Great resources to tap are generally found within human resources or your product marketing team(s).

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