Security Program Progress Webinar Series

When? June 9, 2017, @11 a.m. PST

Topic | Coming Soon 

Last Webinar Session: Topic | Tips for Developing a Successful Security Program Charter

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An effective security program charter is the playbook for your security program. Without it, you are a coach with no game plan. A fisherman with no fishing pole. A taco with no shell….You get the idea.

This is why we have been surprised recently by how many organizations do not have an effective security program charter in place. Even worse, just having a template charter that is not thought out is almost as bad, if not worse than not having one at all.

If this is your situation, do not despair, this webinar is for you. This session will illustrate the top tips for building a security program charter that is both aligned with best practice and operationally effective. Please join us.

Last Webinar Session: Security Report Triage: Specific Steps for Handling a High Finding Assessment (Email us to receive the webinar video)

Like a trip to the dentist where you get a litany of things to fix, a security assessment report, especially if performed by an external assessor, can also be a very scary thing. This session is designed to aid either newbies to security, seasoned veterans, or stakeholders of the security effort who have just received a security assessment report of any kind within their environment. This session will present an actionable methodology for parsing thru a findings report and converting it into an actionable path forward.

Some of the steps we will cover include:

  • Supporting documents to ask for other than your assessment report itself
  • Tips for making the recommendation section of findings report actionable
  • Aligning findings to projects within your environment project management office
  • Development of a fundable roadmap from a security findings report

Who is this for:

This session is designed for the CEO, CIO or existing CISO with programs at any level of maturity from non-existent to mature. Further, these techniques can be applied at any size organization within any industry.

Speaker Bio:

Mike Gentile, Author of CISO Handbook

President and CEO of CISOSHARE

Mike Gentile has been building information security programs for more than 20 Years. He has built, in a full-time or consulting role more than 100+ information security programs across every industry in both private and public environments. His first book, the CISO Handbook, was one of the first published works to provide a step-by-step methodical approach to building a security program. This methodology is used as courseware in many advanced teaching organizations on security leadership and has been implemented in thousands of organizations around the world.

Missed Session #2? Here is what we discussed

Tips and techniques to enable informed decisions from your security program

Many organizations get caught up with trying to be 100% secure with their security program efforts instead of implementing an ability to make informed decisions 100% of the time. This session will explore why the ability to make informed decisions is so important, as well as tips and techniques for transforming your security program into an informed decision making machine.

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